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German government reaffirms new support for Reproductive Health in Yemen

On Wednesday 10 April, German government delegation visited Yemen to discussed cooperation
between the two countries. During the visit the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mohammed Al-Sadi expressed his deep gratitude to Germany for its continues support to Yemen. While here the German government through German Development Bank (KfW) signed (five million euro) an agreement with Yamaan Foundation for Health and Social Development, The generous funding of KfW will allow Yamaan to continue its trailblazing social marketing program that brings vital sexual and reproductive health services and family planning products to men, women and couples across Yemen.

The agreement was signed by the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mohammed Al-Sadi, the KfW Regional Director Hanning Baur and the Executive Director of Yamaan Dr. Ashraf Badr. MOPHP is supporting partnership between government and NGOs, and His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Alansi, the Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Nagiba Alshwafi, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Public Health and Population have attended this ceremony in addition to Dr. Omer Abdulaziz the Deputy Minister of Planning and International Cooperation.

At the ceremony the importance of offering high quality reproductive health care services and products to Yemenis was underscored as a national priority. The Minister of Planning and International Cooperation also expressed his gratitude to KfW which he said has helped the government of Yemen overcome obstacles in meeting the health needs of Yemenis. He added that he is pleased that Yamaan’s social marketing project will continue to successfully provide quality health services and products to Yemenis as it has done over the last four years.

Yamaan is the foremost social marketing enterprise in Yemen. Through employing traditional marketing techniques and partnering with the private and public sector Yamaan prevents unwanted pregnancies and the transmission of HIV and other STIs through the distribution and sales of Protec contraceptives. Awareness raising campaigns and trainings by Yamaan with religious and community leaders, and other key individuals facilitate the use of Protec products by dispelling negative myths and rumours about contraceptives and sexual and reproductive healthcare. Yamaan also works to build up the country’s health services by training healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and midwives, as well as pharmacists on reproductive health and family planning counselling.

The new agreement with KfW extends Yamaan’s for another four years. In the new phase Yamaan plans to grow its operations, expand its reach and provide services for hundreds of thousands of Yemenis.

This project is one of three run by Yamaan, the others include a safe motherhood voucher program which involves a private-public partnership to ensure that women are able to access and receive quality maternal health care and emergency obstetric care training for doctors and nurses to prevent women dying from treatable complications during pregnancy and childbirth.