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Graduating Ceremony of 105 Midwives and 32 Female Doctors in Family Planning Training Course


Thursday, February 19, 2015- a training program for 105 midwives and 32 doctors was concluded. During the period of August 30, 2014 - January 29, 2015, with technical and financial support from Yamaan Foundation for Health & Social Development (the German Government Support through the German Development Bank –KfW), Al-Wahda Institute for Medical Sciences in Sana'a organized a training program for midwives and doctors in 9 governorates.

The program lasted for five months and included 12 days course for each governorate. This competency-based training aimed to provide participants with knowledge, experience, and technical skills on how to provide counselling, use family planning methods (including IUD insertion and removal), and on infection prevention.

Dr. Abdulkarim Alarashi, General Director of the Health Office in Sana’a Capital, highlighted the urgent need for improving family planning health services, “such training programs are essential to provide high quality service to women especially to those who find difficulty reaching these services” he explained. Additionally, he praised the collaborative efforts of Yamaan Foundation with Al-Wahda Institute and all partners for implementing the training program. He also expressed his appreciation to the German Government Support through KfW for improving family planning and reproductive health of Yemeni people.

Dr. Majed Alsharjabi, Social Marketing Project Director at Yamaan Foundation, emphasized on participants’ responsibility to apply the knowledge and skills they gained during the training in order to ensure high quality services, stressing on the role they play in saving women’s lives. He also confirmed that Yamaan Foundation will continue supporting them and will never stop serving the community, “During these crucial times, it’s our duty to stand and serve our community, Yamaan will always continue its work in fulfilling the need of the Yemeni People” he expressed.

At the end of the ceremony, participants were honored with certificates for completion the course and given a complete midwifery kit including IUD instruments.