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Yamaan Launching a Theater Show Campaign

Funded by Yamaan Foundation for Health & Social Development (the German Government Support through the German Development Bank -KfW),  Life Makers Meeting Place (LMMP) launched a theater show campaign on family planning awareness with a show titled "Maweal"  which means a man with lot of children.

The main objectives of this campaign is to raise awareness on family planning and its effect on the life of people and community, as well as introducing methods of family planning and clearing rumors around them. Additionally, it aims to bring attention to some maternal mortality causes. A total of 18 shows will be conducted on a period of three month targeting eight different governorates including Sana'a City, Sana'a, Hajah, Dhamar, Ibb, Mahweet, Hodeidah, and Amran.

The first phase of the campaign started on March and took place in Amran, Mahweet, Hajah, and Hodeidah. Around 10 shows were conducted targeting men, women, and youth. A large audience attended the shows, including number of community leaders, and reproductive health specialists. The audience was impressed by the performance and the show. The show left a positive influence on the audience making them think seriously about family planning and maternal health. The second phase includes 8 shows and will start on the mid of March targeting the other governorates.

During each show, a religious leader delivered a speech to clarify Islam’s view on family planning indicating that it is not forbidden giving evidence from Quran and Sunah.

Mr. Abdul-Jabbar Sehili, LMMP Coordinator, highlighted the importance of theater shows in raising awareness of reproductive health issues. He also mentioned LMMP role in increasing youth participation in health, economic, and educational awareness raising activities. He also emphasized on the importance of addressing maternal mortality issue as Yemen has high maternal mortality rate of 148 per 100,000 live births.

Dr. Jamal Badr, BCC Manager at Yamaan Foundation, confirmed the importance of raising awareness of family planning among the community in order to build a strong and better community aware of the positive effect of family planning. He also pointed out to the role Yamaan plays, in cooperation with local partners, in improving reproductive health and preventing maternal mortality through its vast interventions.