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Behaviour Change Communication

Yamaan is the preeminent reproductive health organization conducting behaviour change communication activities with individuals, groups and communities in Yemen. Targeting religious figures, community leaders, youth, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals we promote the benefits of family planning, share accurate information about reproductive health and why it is important in order to create supportive environments that will lead to and sustain positive and desirable health behaviour outcomes. We tailor our medium and message depending on the demographics and characteristics of the target audience. Mediums include presentations, peer to peer programs, TV, radio, and print advertisements.

There are two types of BCC activities:

Family planning activities: including Drama competitions in schools, social counselors workshops, TV & radio spots, religious leaders sessions, and theater shows.

HIV awareness activities: community awareness sessions, field training for youth, theater shows, training sessions for community leaders, health providers, barbers, hotel workers, and religious leaders.