Together for a better life

Social Marketing Project for Reproductive Health Services

Yamaan is the foremost social marketing enterprise in Yemen. Through employing traditional marketing techniques, implementing Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) activities and partnering with the private and public sector Yamaan prevents unwanted pregnancies and the transmission of HIV and other STIs through the distribution and sales of PROTEC contraceptives.

Yamaan’s sales team, trainers and communication specialists’ work together to provide a holistic approach to social marketing which combines education and BCC activities to lead to social change and higher demand for contraceptives. Training religious and community leaders and health services providers by Yamaan facilitate the use of PROTEC products by dispelling negative myths and rumours about contraceptives and reproductive healthcare that exist within the country and are sometimes perpetuated by these key individuals.


PROTEC condoms, pills, IUDs, injections and implants are sold in more than 4,000 sales points across the country allowing tens of thousands of Yemenis to access affordable and quality family planning products and exercise their reproductive health rights.

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