MSI Star West Asia Winners

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    MSI Star West Asia Winners

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    Yamaan Foundation

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    Sanaa, Yemen

  • Date:

    July 31, 2019

MSI Star West Asia Winners

“I know that there is no one more deserving in this value than Nabila".

For Dr Nabila's colleagues, there was no doubt that she should be Yemen's client-centred winner. Not only does she go above and beyond every day to ensure that her clients receive the very best service, but she inspires her colleagues to deliver services in the same way. One of her colleagues remarked: "when I saw Nabila work with clients, that was the first time I understood the great feeling coming from helping others."

Dr. Nabila has been working with our Yemen programme since 2011. First as the doctor in our Shababline call centre, and now as the service provider coordinator for our voucher programme. She is always available for clients and team members, and she is someone many people look up to. She lives our client-centred value in her day to day life, believing that we can help one client at a time until we reach them all. 

At times her job requires her to travel to other parts of the country, some of which are challenging environments, to ensure service providers are doing their job according to our high standards and required quality. At one of these visits last year, she met a client who had a four month old baby. The client had no idea how to feed, bath or take care of the child. Nabila, having already verified service quality, gently asked the men to leave the room. When she came out an hour later, she was asked what she had been doing. Her reply was simple: “I helped a sister in need". ​

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