Yemaan Foundation for Health and Social Development, with funding from KFW, is launching a number of health projects in Ibb governorate (Construction, rehabilitation and equipping projects)

The President of the Yamaan Foundation for Health and Social Development, Dr. Ashraf Badr, and Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Taha al-Mutawakel, together with the Governor of Ibb Abdul Wahid Mohamed Salah governorate, launched a number of health projects at a cost of $1 million, $400,000 and $30,000.


Projects implemented by the Yamaan Foundation for Health and Social Development with funding from the German Development Bank include the construction, rehabilitation and equipping of four hospitals, 13 health centres and a health unit in the governorate.


During the coming period, the Foundation will implement training and rehabilitation programs  in four new medical specialties in the governorate to improve the efficiency of the performance of workers in health facilities.


Also there was a documentary presentation by the coordinator of the Yamaan Foundation in the governorate, Dr. Ghamdan Al-Bazzaz, in the presence of the directors of the Health and Planning Offices and the National Institute of Administrative Sciences, the director of the Revolution Hospital, the director of the Nasser Hospital, the director of the Al-Aden Hospital and the director of the Maternity Hospital


The Minister of Health and the Governor of Ibb noted the efforts of projects offered by Yamaan Foundation for Health and Social Development.


It  explained that the project is an extension of the projects received by the Authority, which included the rehabilitation and furnishing of operations and surgical recovery departments, the introduction of 3D and digital CT rays, the rehabilitation of the Authority's buildings, the construction and equipping of the electrical plant and the transformation of the Authority into an educational hospital for students of the Faculty of Medicine at Ibb and Taiz universities.


At the end of the inauguration ceremony, Yamaan Foundation and the leadership of the Revolutionary Hospital Authority was honored by the Minister of Health and Ibb Governorate. 


They also opened the Emergency Obstetric Department of the General Revolutionary Hospital Authority and saw the medical equipment and equipment that the department was provided with the funding of the Yamaan Foundation. In addition to opening the emergency obstetric department at Aden General Hospital and inaugurating work in rehabilitation of the maternal and neonatal health department centre and operating rooms.