Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid interventions. Yamaan seeks to alleviate the mounting human suffering resulting from the prolonged war in Yemen and the subsequent economic decline, which has caused a surge in the country's poverty rate. Despite this, Yamaan Foundation remains committed to prioritizing healthcare as an urgent need. Since the inception of the humanitarian response interventions, Yamaan has supplied renal diyalisis sets and medications for chronic non-communicable diseases to patients suffering from conditions such as thalassemia, myeloid leukaemia, hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy, and mental health disorders . Additionally, the Foundation has distributed winter clothing, blankets, food baskets, and hygiene kits to thousands of families in need. 


Through this aid intervention, Yamaan targets the vulnerable poor population across the country who are struggling to afford their chronic disease medication. It collaborates with governorates' health offices to provide continuous health checkups and updated prescriptions accordingly. 

Renal dialysis support

The deteriorated economic situation in the country impacted the supply of renal dialysis solutions and equipment, leaving a large number of dialysis patients facing severe health consequences. Yamaan intervention seeks to highlight the acute need across the country by supporting and supplying the dialysis centres. 

NCDs patients supported